Perth Men’s Convention 2021

This year we celebrate our 20th year of conventions.

Join us for a great day.

We hope to see you again this year for more great Bible teaching!

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Saturday 14th August 2021

8:30am – 3:00pm

Kingsway Christian College Auditorium

Topic: A sovereign and powerful God – Studies in the Psalms.

Speakers: Mike Horgan, Thom Bull, David Kummerow.

Morning tea and lunch are provided






Accompanying sons in Year 11/12



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Morning tea and Lunch are provided

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For age 18 and above, and accompanying sons in year 11/12.

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Introducing Our Speakers

Join us at Perth Men’s Convention this year, for a great time of men getting together, encouraging one another and hearing from God’s word.

This year we are having three local speakers. In response to our covid situations we thought it would be fitting to be reminded and encouraged of the wonderful truth that we worship a God who is sovereign and all powerful.

The book of Psalms is an excellent place to be heartened by these truths.

I am very pleased to inform you of our three speakers. They are;

Mike Horgan, pastor at St Matthew’s

Church, Shenton Park.

Mike will be speaking on Psalm 13.

Thom Bull, lecturer in Theology at

Trinity Theological College in Leederville.

Thom will be speaking on Psalm 23.

David Kummerow, lecturer in Old

Testament, also at Trinity College.

David will be speaking on Psalm 44.

Perth Men’s Convention is a day convention for men aged 17 and up, to help them grow as disciples of Jesus and stand as men of character in their home, work, church, and everyday lives.

PMC has talks, toolboxes, interviews and testimonies, and a room full of 700 blokes singing together to praise Jesus. There is also plenty of time to meet and chat with men from around WA over a coffee and some food.

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